Chai Jing

This Acacia Women Wednesday, meet Chai Jing whose story is a beautiful example of how awareness makes a difference. She is a journalist in China who published a documentary called Under the Dome which shines a light on the environmental issues of pollution and challenges everyone to join together and change the world.

Before Chai had her first child, she just like many ordinary Chinese people was not aware of the great danger posed by pollution in China. However, when her daughter was born with a benign tumor she began investigating how pollution exposure had caused this issue, and so many others that go unnoticed. Her work through this self-financed documentary has broken the attitude of ignorance towards climate change in Chinese society, as well as inspiring and empowering the general public of China to rise up and add their voices to the fight against pollution.

Though the government took down Chai’s documentary, it had already been viewed more than 200 million times and it will be impossible to stop the awareness and pledges of action that are coming from the public and a variety of national Chinese leaders. Even some of the most cynical opponents of climate change action have been persuaded by her coherent and compelling narrative.

This brave mother took a risk in standing up for her beliefs and creating awareness to change her country’s relationship with the environment. As she says in her documentary, “History is made like this. When millions of everyday people will say, “No. I’m not satisfied. I don’t want to wait. I will not sit back. I will stand up and do something- right now, right here, right in this moment.”

Chai demonstrates how important it is for women to share their stories and fight for their right to live in a healthy environment and provide a better tomorrow for our children.


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