Maria Acha-Kutscher

Meet Maria Acha-Kutscher, a Peruvian born feminist and visual artist.

Born in Lima, Peru to a family of German background, Maria grew up with a multicultural identity that she says has pushed her to have a global worldview, feeling that she was never tied to one place, but instead belonged to many places. After completing her education in Peru, Maria moved to Mexico before moving to Spain in 2001 where she now lives and works.

Since she began as an artist she has wanted to work on an experience that is shared by women across race, origin, social class, and sexual preference – the female condition. She uses her artwork to draw attention to the marginalization of women throughout history and their struggles for emancipation and equality. She uses her work to contribute to global political and economic changes for women.

In 2012 she started a series called Indignadas (Outraged Women) which documents women who participate in public protests around the world. It began as an attempt to bring attention to the women of the 15M movement that took to the streets of Madrid protesting economic and political corruption in Spain, and has now grown to highlight women across the world, to record their shared history.

As Maria says, “Historically, it’s important to show that political actions and social changes were always made by women and men together. Women were always there but weren’t always visible.” She works to highlight the dual struggle that women face, the struggle to fight for their own rights as well as to engage in social and political change. She believes that, “any initiative to make our history visible as women is essential and empowers us.”

Maria believes that her art is a powerful political tool that brings the struggle of many women to light. She is living proof that women can use their unique talents to fight for women’s rights in a variety of ways. Her art beautifully illustrates the struggle that women around the world are facing in a new and unique way. Bringing awareness to this issue brings us one step closer to seeing equality for all women around the world.

If you would like to see some of Maria’s work and learn more about her you can check out her website.


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