Angela Dwamena-Aboagye

Meet Angela Dwamena-Aboagye, a passionate woman dedicated to human rights advocacy in Ghana. Described as a “voice for the voiceless”, Angela has devoted her life to pursuing justice and equality for both women and children in her community (Daily Graphic, 2014).

After earning her bachelor’s degree at the University of Ghana Law school, Angela earned her Masters of Law in the United States followed by a second Masters degree and PhD at the Akrofi-Christaller Institute for Theology, Mission and Culture. In 1990, she worked with the Ministry of Justice and the Attorney-General. In 1999, Angela’s heart for the advocation of human rights motivated her decision to focus her energy on gender-based campaigns, which ultimately led to her resignation and to the creation of the Ark foundation Ghana.

The Ark foundation is a non-governmental organization based in Accra, Ghana. The organization creates a space for women and children who are victims of domestic abuse in Ghana and promotes values of excellence, empowerment, and equality of all persons. The Ark foundation is responsible for the first shelter for abused individuals in the country.

Angela is currently the Executive Director for the ARK foundation. She continues to fight tirelessly for gender equality, to bring justice to the abused, and to empower those who are vulnerable in societies through economic and social aid. Her dedication and fierce heart for many decades has not gone unnoticed. In 2005, Angela was awarded the Women of Substance award from the African Women’s Development, the Millennium Excellence Award for Women’s Empowerment by the Millennium Excellence Foundation in 2010, and the African Servant Leadership National Award for women’s empowerment in 2011.

Angela is a striking example of how passion and skill can come together and create change within one’s community, making a difference for the next generation.



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