Our Services

As a movement striving to empower people in the fight towards redemptive action for women, we have chosen to take the following approaches. If any of these are of interest to you or your organization, please fill out the contact form below to get in touch.

Educational Workshops

“Facilitators really engaged with the group and spoke to them in a way that was relevant and meaningful for them.”

-Jodie in Toronto, Canada

The Acacia Movement offers educational workshops that educate listeners on the 6 Areas of Inequality that Women in the Global South face. Through interactive teaching, guided discussion, and story sharing we discuss not only the issues, but the work being done to combat those issues and how listeners can support this work. We tailor our workshops for a wide range of ages and needs.

Organizational Consultation and Support

Does your organization have a desire to extend into the realm of supporting women with vulnerabilities but lacks the knowledge and capacity? Do you want to educate your donors on the issues women in the Global South face to bolster funding towards women-centered projects? With our breadth of knowledge surrounding issues faced by Women in the Global South, we are happy to help supplement the work being done by non-profit organizations that also seek to empower women.

We do this through…

  • Information sharing with your organization
  • Donor Education Services to increase your donor bases knowledge about women’s issues
  • Partnerships
  • Consultations and other forms of support

Please contact us to start the discussion.