Why Acacia?

In Africa, Australia, the Middle East and other parts of the world a remarkable tree flourishes with its unstoppable strength; the Acacia tree. The Acacia tree can grow in the most challenging of environments, where land is dry, arid and lifeless. Amongst desolation, its growth adds life and nutrients back into the soil around it, allowing new life to spring up where otherwise it could not. In times of drought, when others fail, it will continue to grow and provide food for livestock, and shelter for nearby animals. Additionally, acacia wood and its resin are incredibly versatile, with uses ranging from medicine, preservation, construction, and leather dying.

There is simply no stopping the Acacia tree. When all seems hopeless, she will flourish and grow and give life to all around her. We believe that every women, given access to education, adequate healthcare and the right opportunities, has the potential to be an Acacia tree.

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